Our Story

A legacy of passion and expertise


Nestled in the heart of history, Stone Creek Farm holds a past that stretches back to the very roots of this land. Originally bestowed as a one-hundred-acre parcel by William Penn himself, the farm stands as a testament to the enduring heritage of the region. The heart of our farm, a charming house and barn, trace their origins back to the early 1700s.


Howard and Susan Perloff purchased the farm with a vision – to transform the once humble dairy farm into a beautifully landscaped home. Beginning with planting trees and shrubs, they branched out to growing “living Christmas trees” and selling them to the public.


Susan learned about soil conditions and the climate from local farmers and growers in the area. From there a business evolved and one thing led to another.


The remarkable improvements on the property garnered the attention of the community. Customers and neighbors couldn’t help but notice the transformation taking place. They began turning to Susan, seeking her advice and expertise for their own landscaping projects, inspired by the incredible beauty that was unfolding at Stone Creek Farm.

More than 35 years later, Stone Creek Landscaping has mastered the art of transforming outdoor living spaces to fit your individual needs. We use select high quality material from local growers of plants and hardscaping suppliers to be sure that it is compatible with this specific geographical area. Everything from hardscapes to ponds, pools, outdoor kitchens and many varieties of gardens, we will work closely with you to achieve your must haves and whimsical wishes from beginning to end.

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Stone Creek Landscaping will make your landscaping dreams come true. From initial consultation through design and installation to completion, we work closely with you to learn and fulfill the desires for your property.