Breathtaking Beauty

Stone Creek Landscaping will create the property of your dreams

By taking the time to truly understand your unique desires and vision, we create tailored landscapes that reflect your dreams, resulting in a breathtaking and harmonious outdoor space you’ve always imagined.

Your Solution for a Wide Range of Services

Stone Creek Landscaping not only creates a beautiful landscape for your property, but is also mindful of sustainability and practices that will keep your plants healthy and make them thrive. 

We test and amend the soil as needed to keep it rich with nutrients, able to take in moisture, and to prevent natural occurrences like erosion. We mulch your gardens to improve soil health and deter weeds. 

Creating gardens that enhance your property could increase the value of your home. We will advise you on the proper placement of trees to help keep your home cooler in the summer and insulate in the winter which could affect your bills.

Garden Design and Installation 

The beauty of plants, flowers, and trees can transform your property and your life. Working closely with you, we will create the property you desire.

Complete Landscaping

We will work with you to plan, design, and implement a look for your entire landscape including gardens, hardscaping, living spaces, water features, and more. We do entire estates!

Outdoor Living Design

Your life outdoors includes more than just viewing. We will design your spaces for entertaining, walking, and relaxation for your own personal enjoyment.

Water Features 

The calming effect of water can’t be overestimated. We design and build ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and other water features that bring tranquility to your home.


Integrating stone walls, paths, or other hardscaping into your outdoor space not only adds structure and functionality but also creates a seamless fusion of nature and artistry.

Planters and Container Gardening

Planters and containers bring beauty to areas of your property, while allowing flexibility to move them and change their contents. Change the view without major effort.

Tree Installation

Trees contribute to a balanced landscape, helping tie elements together. But they can also be a powerful visual unto themselves – colorful flowering trees, majestic evergreens, and beautiful maples that create fall color are a few of so many choices. Stone Creek Landscaping will choose trees for size and style that fit into your landscape. Our team can install them – large and small!

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Stone Creek Landscaping will make your landscaping dreams come true. From initial consultation through design and installation to completion, we work closely with you to learn and fulfill the desires for your property.